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Seven Ages of Paris - Alistair Horne This book is sick. It amounts to a history of France, but Horne stays focused on the real Paris, as it was and as it is, in a wonderful way, while providing awesome insight into the character of Parisians and of France in general. It's an awesome book.

I was reminded of fellow Goodreader F1Wild, who doesn't like military history. I don't either, so I was psyched that Horne breezes by military affairs, while giving much more shrift to art, literature. architecture, fashion, and the rest of what makes society.

And Jennifer will be pleased to hear that the epilogue focuses on Père Lachaise Cemetery, which has so many important people in it that it's basically like a history of Paris unto itself.

Totally readable, exquisitely researched, gossipy in a good way...this is a very, very good book. I wish I'd never visited Paris without it.