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Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti I do get around to almost every book recommended to me. It might take me a year, but I will get there. So, thanks El! This poem was a ton of fun! I especially liked the part where the nubile young woman sucks nectar off her sister's neck. I was all, "Aw yeah! High five!" But I was alone, so I had to high five myself. It's less depressing than it sounds. No it's not.

It's a weird, wicked poem. The meter and rhyme scheme are schizophrenic; I tried to track it for a while, but you actually can't. Rosetti has no intention of being consistent. That adds to the creepy feel of the poem, as you're constantly off balance. I'm not sure what the goblin fruit represents. Addiction? Marriage? Lesbian incest? I think, like most of the best poems, it can mean whatever you like to think it means.

Dope stuff, yo.