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Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots - Deborah Feldman This book doubles as a memoir and as an expose of the Satmar Jewish sect, a group so conservative that they're anti-Israel because that was supposed to be returned to them by God, not by the UN. Feldman's portrayal of them is scathing, but probably fair; Satmars are, after all, like any other religious extremists, dicks. At one point in this book a guy castrates and murders his son for masturbating; at another the neighborhood watch catch and beat to a pulp some black kid for no provable reason. So, y'know, judge away.

The book itself starts out a little over-written - an extra adjective here, a slightly show-offy word there - but it gets better as you go.

The plot heated up for me around when Feldman got engaged, and then the rest of the book just cruises.

My favorite part of the book is when Feldman really identifies with Pride & Prejudice because it takes place in a world so like her own: marriage is the only real goal for a woman, as she's excluded from the running of the rest of the world.

Overall, this is a really perceptive and carefully argued look inside a very secretive, weird culture. (And one that's, like, right over thataway, so it's neat to know more about it.) Yeah, man, I dug it.