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Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood Listen, I hate to be the guy who ruins the joke, but it's impossible to seriously judge Canadian literature without acknowledging that Canada is not a real place. It's a funny little conceit, but it's stretching plausibility a bit far to pretend that there's some enormous country right on top of the United States where gay marriage is legal and we totally never invade it at all.

It's not a country, okay? It's just some dude in Minnesota with a big back yard.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Anyway, but there are some very nice authors living in that dude's back yard, like Margaret Atwood and...and I don't know, Michael Ondaatje? Really just Margaret Atwood. And here's a book she wrote.

I liked the first half the best, because we have this terrific villain, little nine-year-old Cordelia. Just a total Iago. And you're like holy shit, is she going to end up murdering our heroine? No, because it's narrated in first person as a flashback, but maybe she'll maim her a little.

It's a bit of a letdown, after that, to find out that everyone has their own perspective on things and even the most hissing of villains is more to be pitied than cursed. I was having fun with the cursing! But I guess a super perceptive story about real people is fine too.

I'm bumping a star off because there's an awful lot of very specific description of the protagonist's art, and I thought it all sounded fairly silly. But aside from that, Cat's Eye is a heck of an achievement for someone who lives in a fake place.