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The Sea, the Sea - Iris Murdoch, Mary Kinzie Here's the first thing I love about [b:The Sea, The Sea:|11229|The Sea, the Sea|Iris Murdoch|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1302898449s/11229.jpg|1410491] its title. Isn't it wonderful? Imagine how boring it would have looked on a shelf if it had just been called "The Sea." But with that profoundly simple decision to repeat itself, it suddenly drips horror and madness and obsession. It's just brilliant. Almost makes me wish Emily Bronte had called her book "The Moor, The Moor."

And then Murdoch plays this terrific game with the opening sentence:
The sea which lies before me as I write glows rather than sparkles in the bland May sunshine.
Which is the boring first sentence of a book that should be called "The Sea." It even says "bland"! Blahhhh, lame, until you get to the next paragraph:
I had written the above, destined to be the opening paragraph of my memoirs, when something happened which was so extraordinary and so horrible that I cannot bring myself to describe it even now after an interval of time and although a possible, though not totally reassuring, explanation has occurred to me.
And there's the first sentence of a book called "The Sea, The Sea." Whee! Off we go, madness and horror.